Wide range of cctv systems available at all budgets!

Our CCTV Systems

Home Systems

SOS Digital offer a wide range of home CCTV Systems, each with vairious quantaties of cameras to cater for all budgets and requirments. We have friendly, expert staff on hand to give help and advise therefore giving our clients peice of mind that they are getting the best possible CCTV System for there required budget. 


We are extremely proud to say that our CCTV Systems are currently protecting many businesses in our area from crimanal activity sutch as theft, robery, vandlism and criminal damage. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help or information that you require to protect the business that you have worked so hard to make a sucsess.


Here at SOS Digital we have extensive experience in all aspects of CCTV security systems. This includes many hugely sucsessful commercial prodjects undertaken. From the enitial system design to system installation right through to servicing, aftercare and on going support we have excelled in providing our clients with a top class and professional service. At SOS we maintain an extremely effective working relationship with all of our commercial clients.


A professional installation service is offered with each and every one of the CCTV Systems that SOS Digital provide to our clients. With our extremely  talented engineers posessing over 20 years of intallation experience all of our installation work is neat, tidy and carried out with accute profetionalism.

Remote veiwing and Networking

Our team network all CCTV systems that we install (if required)

This gives our clients the opportunity to access there CCTV through a simple App on mobile phone or any other device of choice. The best thing about our reliable networking service.. Its ABSOLUTLY FREE with all new systems!

Aftercare and Support

When our clients choose SOS Digital they are not only desting to receive our fully guarenteed services at remarkable prices . All of our customers, both new and existing are welcomed into the SOS family and will benefit from our unrivalled ongoing help and support. We truly belive in providing an upclose and personal customer afttercare, installing confidence and trust into each and every one of our clients equaly.

Thinking of an ALARM?

SOS Digital also offer a wide variaty of burglar and intrusion Alarms